Aurelia and Amelia are the names of the aunt and mother of Filipina advertising and fashion practitioner Katrina Manalo. These women inspired, strengthened, and encouraged her as she was growing up. They taught her to strive on and never give up.

In their honour, she founded Aurelia & Amelia in 2016.

Aurelia & Amelia aims to empower Filipino women by giving them an opportunity to take charge of their life and career. It also seeks to promote responsible fashion by delivering quality products that has a positive impact for sellers, buyers, and beneficiaries.

Growing up an orphan at the age of 13 in the Philippines, Kat is no stranger to limitations such as poverty and lack of opportunities preventing women from making their dreams come true. With help from caring people, she overcame her own challenges and took up Fashion Styling and Merchandising at the Fashion Institute of the Philippines. She worked in Singapore for multi-national companies for several years, learning more about marketing, advertising and business practices while continuing her fashion stint and even being able to land an editorial styling project for Female Bride Magazine Singapore. She also travelled extensively across Asia, Europe, and Australia.

But corporate success was not her end-goal; creating social change was. In 2015, she quit that rat race and entered the startup scene. She is bringing all her learning, and passion to Aurelia & Amelia to help bring about a revolution in social entrepreneurship in the Philippines. Inspired by her travels abroad, she brings a unique and internationally competitive look to the Aurelia & Amelia design collections.



Ben was born and raised in the UK and lived and worked in London until he moved to Asia at the age of 28. Ben’s career began in Engineering before a move in to Management Consultancy and then again in to Strategy roles in the Hotel industry, which complemented his love of travel and international experiences.

Whilst based in London, Ben travelled extensively throughout Europe and Asia – for both work and pleasure. But it wasn’t until he moved to Singapore in 2013 that he was exposed to social business, and the great work entrepreneurs all over the world are doing to help develop communities and the people that live in them.

In 2016, Ben moved to Manila to support Maria start the Aurelia & Amelia business. He believes whole-heartedly that national governments alone are no longer able to pull people out of poverty. Instead, he believes that it requires the combined efforts of charities, NGOs, corporate companies, governments, but most importantly community leaders and residents to work together to beat poverty. This can only be done through long term initiatives that promote education for children and meaningful employment for adults, and sustainably improve the quality of life for everyone who lives on this planet.



Chizz is currently taking up Multimedia Arts and Sciences Major in Graphics Design from Mapua Institute of technology-Intramuros. Chizz developed her passion for arts when she was in high school. Being the eldest among four siblings, Chizz was motivated to work at an early age. Not just to help her family but to build connections and her portfolio as well.

More than a good sense of aesthetics and application of proper design principles, Chizz also believes that applying user experience or UX to graphics is very essential on becoming an effective designer. Chizz derives her created juices from Kinfolk magazine, Frankie, Hypebeast and Cereal.

Chizz enjoys working for Aurelia & Amelia not only because she loves fashion but she believes in the vision of the company to do good and create a positive impact to the society using fashion as an instrument. She get a certain sense of achievement learning and growing her skills with A&A and gets inspired by the potential huge positive impact that Aurelia & Amelia will create for the world specially to Philippines.