About us

Aurelia & Amelia was born in the ideology that fashion buying can be responsible. That fashion can not only make one look good but also feel good by doing good.

Our Unique Design

Every item in A&A can be worn and used on different occasion. It’s buying 1 piece but wear it multiple ways. We came up with these accessories to fit the changing preference of every Filipina. Easy interchangeable color, convertible and detachable are some of the characteristics of our design. Perfect to match the color of your clothing, shoes and bags.

Our   Impact

A&A offers products that are locally and ethically sourced in the Philippines. Our products are made to be high quality without sacrificing the method and people working behind it. We guarantee fair trade and safe environment for the Filipino manpower behind every A&A piece.

Our Heart

But we don’t just stop there, we design our business to benefit underprivileged individuals and provide them an opportunity to secure their education. We believe than an educated nation is an empowered nation.

In summary our ethos is

“Offer uniquely versatile accessories that are locally and ethically made in the Philippines with the advocacy on providing educational opportunities to under privileged young Filipina”